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Book an appointment whether you want to alter your wedding gown or you want to order a made-to-measure dress. Our goal is to learn more about you, so we can better advise you on alterations or clothing that will make the difference.

In addition to that, we can also advise you on your suit alterations.

Tailored dress designs and specialized alterations need plenty of time to ensure that the final result is exactly what you are looking for.

With appointments, we can ensure that we have enough time to offer you a unique experience and unrivalled final result.

We value your time. Especially in today’s busy and fast-paced environment, we want to eliminate the back and forth of traditional booking, by offering you the chance to choose the day and hour that works best for you.

You can access our appointment scheduling portal on your own time when it’s most convenient for you.

Please contact us whether you have any questions or concerns about our custom clothing and alterations services.

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