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When the alteration is done properly, it will not only make your suit look amazing, but will also take your look to the next level.

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Unless you’re lucky with the fit of off-the-rack suit jackets or you get all of them made to measure, chances are you’re going to need some suit alterations. At NLefashion, we specialize in high-quality men’s alterations and suit repairs. To give you peace of mind that your altered suit will be exactly as you envisioned, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and will ensure that your garment will be altered again for free if you’re not happy with the result.

Our primary goal is to ensure that your clothing fits flawlessly and our skilled and experienced in-house tailors pay close attention to the unique body shapes and proportions of each client. By doing so, we guarantee that your clothing will not only fit flawlessly but also enhance your overall appearance and boost your confidence.

We offer tuxedo & suit alterations services and we can alter almost all parts of your suit set, such as:

  • Suit Jacket Shoulders
  • Suit Jacket Length
  • Suit Jacket Sleeves Adjusting
  • Suit Pants Hem
  • Suit Pants Rise
  • Suit Waist & Leg Width

Everything You Need To Know About Your Suit Alterations

Fixing your work or business suits and achieving a good fit is important. It is a great investment that can improve your image and can make you feel comfortable. It has an impact on the way you look, the way you stand, and the way you walk.

The best way to understand your needs is to discuss all the details in person with our tailor in Toronto and see the suit on you to find all alterations that should be done. This way we can ensure the perfect fit by combining your vision with our high level of tailoring skills and experience.

The first step of your suit alterations is to visit our store in Toronto and to try both the jacket and pants. To ensure that you end up with a perfect fit, it is really important to bring with you the shirt you would normally wear and your shoes so that your pants can be tailored to the precise length.

To make it fit perfectly and make sure it looks great, we should focus on five areas of suit alterations. The shoulders, the collar, the waist, the sleeves, and the pants. 

A great fitted suit or tuxedo jacket is a delicate balancing act between the shoulders, chest, and arms. The padding in the shoulder should align with your shoulder and create a straight line from the collar to the sleeve.

In other words, if the suit jacket is too wide, then the shoulder doesn’t fill out and if it is too narrow it will pull the fabric and you won’t feel comfortable. The tight shoulder can pull across the top of the tuxedo jacket and create a gap between the shirt collar and the jacket’s collar.

Without a doubt, the suit jacket’s collar can make a difference or break the look, so we need to pay extra attention to those parts.

To make the suit alteration process easier, we provide a FREE consultation with our tailor in Etobiccke. We accept by appointment only, and you are more than welcome to book an appointment online prior to visiting our Tailor Shop.

Our free consultation takes 15-20 minutes and we will have the chance to see the apparel on you and provide you with an estimate. If you require pinning of the apparel, there is an additional fee that is waived if you decide to proceed with us.

✓ Suit Shoulders Alterations$58- $78
✓ Jacket Sleeves Alterations$30- $75
✓ Suit Pants Hemming$20- $38
✓ Shirt Sleeves Alterations$20- $56

In general, suit alterations services cost vary depending on the particular level of tailoring skills and the level of expertise required to accomplish properly the alteration.

You can find below the starting Prices for ALL the suit alterations services we provide

A lot will depend on the complexity of the required suit alteration and it usually takes around 2-3 weeks to alter your suit jacket and 1-2 weeks to hem your pants.

It is always good to have some extra time, so we can have a least 1 extra fitting in case something needs to be fixed. Finally, we do offer Rush Fittings & Alteration, which may be subjected to a rush fee.

Men's Suits Alteration Prices

NLefashion’s suit alterations in Toronto typically cost between $75 and $225+ and the price can vary depending on the complexity of the alteration. Simple alterations like hemming or adjusting straps are on the lower end, while significant modifications or customizations can be more expensive. It’s also worth noting that the cost of alterations should be balanced against the value of the suit. If you’ve invested in a high-quality suit that you plan to wear often, alterations are worth the investment. 

Below you can find the average prices for all the menswear alterations services we provide.

Suit Alterations Cost Price List
ServicePrice Range
Suit Jacket Buttons/Pockets Alterations 
Move or Replace Buttons$20-30+
Remove Buttonholes Imitation$25+
Close/Remove/Shorten Pocket$30-40+
Suit Collar/Shoulders Alterations 
Add Shoulder Pad$30-40+
Raise & Shorten Back$50-70+
Narrow Shoulders$75-85+
Narrow Shoulders/Shorten Sleeve from the Top$95-105+
Suit Jacket Seams Alterations 
Center Seams In/Out$30-40+
Adjust Sides$30-55+
Suit Jacket Sleeves Alterations 
Shorten Jacket Sleeves$50-65+
Replace Sleeve Lining$55-65+
Shorten Double Faced Sleeves$80+
Shorten Sleeves From Top$95+
Miscellaneous Alterations 
Elbow Patches$35-45+
Deepen Armholes$45-55+
Shorten Suit Coat$70-90+
Replace Lining$135+ material
ServicePrice Range
Pants Hem Alterations 
Shorten/Lengthen Pants$35-45+
Topstitch (Shorten/Lengthen)$35-45+
Reattach Original Hem$35-45+
Shorten Double Faced Fabric$75+
Pants Seams/Lining/Misc Alterations 
Taper Legs$40-$75+
Adjust Sides$40-55+
Remove/Shorten/Add Inside Pocket$35-60+
Replace Zipper$45+ zipper
Pants Waist/Seat/Thigh Alterations 
Remove/Create Belt Loops$20-25+
Adjust Seat$25-30+
Adjust Thigh$25-30+
Lower Waist$45-75+
Service Price Range
Shirt Sleeves & Shoulders Alterations
Shorten Sleeves $40-50+
Raise Shoulders (without Sleeves) $70-80+
Narrow Shoulders (with Sleeves/Neckline/Detail) $70-80+
Shirt Seams & Hem Alterations
Add Darts $25+
Sides Thru Armholes Sleeveless Top – In $40-55+
Shorten $40-50+
Shirt Miscellaneous Alterations
Press $10
Move Buttons $10-15+

***Please note that these are the starting prices and in order to give you an accurate quote, we need to see the suit on you. 

Suit Alterations services cost vary depending on the particular level of tailoring skills and the level of expertise required to accomplish properly the alteration. The greater the level of complexity, degree of craftsmanship, and time required to perform the alterations, the greater the cost.

The suits should fit perfectly. It should lay flat across your chest comfortably without any indication of pull across your waist and should have no visible bulges or ripples in the fabric.

How many sizes can a suit be altered?

A suit can typically be altered by about one to two sizes. NLefashion’s skilled tailors can adjust the suit’s waist, shoulders, and sleeves to achieve the desired fit. However, the extent of alteration depends on factors such as the suit’s construction, fabric, and style.

Can you tailor a large or oversized suit to a small one?

Tailoring an oversize suit to a smaller size is possible to some extent, but it has limitations. Our skilled tailor can assess the suit’s design, proportions, and available seam allowances to determine the feasibility of such alterations. Reducing the suit size significantly may result in certain design elements, such as pockets or patterns, becoming imbalanced or compromised.

Can you tailor a suit up one size?

In some cases, it may be possible to tailor a suit up one size, depending on the suit’s construction and available seam allowances. We will evaluate the suit’s design and fabric to determine the feasibility of such an alteration. However, it’s important to note that altering a suit up in size may have limitations and could impact the overall fit and proportions of the suit. When you return to the store to pick up your suit, you will have the chance to try it on again, stand in front of a mirror and look for final adjustments. It is absolutely necessary especially if you ordered multiple adjustments. The suits should fit perfectly. It should lay flat across your chest comfortably without any indication of pull across your waist and should have no visible bulges or ripples in the fabric. The dress pants should fit comfortably in the waist, the seat should drape without any pull or droop, and the cuff should fall exactly where you intended. If there are any imperfections, alert the tailor and have the minor adjustments made to perfect the suit’s fit. Learn more about the repair process and discover the different alteration services we can offer to you. In the meantime, you can also check the 6 Rules for a Perfectly Tailored Suit.

1) Know Your Style

Before taking anything in, think about what style you are trying to achieve.  The way that your clothes fit should reflect what sort of impression you want to leave with people when they see you wearing them.

2) Know What Fits You Best  

Clothing should skim your frame without hugging it too closely, but also not hanging loosely from the body. Experimenting with different styles will help you find what works best for your shape and height – and in turn, that knowledge can really help when you’re looking to get something tailored.

3) Learn What’s Too Tight & Loose

To know when something fits properly, you need to know what a proper fit looks like in the first place. Be sure your clothes aren’t too tight or loose before taking them in to make sure that they actually do need altering and not just hung on a hanger incorrectly! Trying them on when making the purchase, if you are able to do so, is also a great way to figure out this sort of information.

4) Get the Right Fit in the Shoulders

Getting properly fitted shoulders will allow you to have better fitting everything else so it is worth spending time on them. The front should be higher than the back, making sure that your chest doesn’t show in the V shape in between your arms in most cases.

5) Have Your Waist Taken In

Having excess fabric around your waist makes you look bigger everywhere else – and once again, not flattering with tops or jackets. Knowing when it’s too tight can also be hard to determine, however, so be sure you’re looking at a mirror or taking someone else’s word for it!

6) Make Sure the Pants Don’t Sag

When you sit down, do your pants immediately start sagging? That means they are too long and will need to have their length adjusted. Having too much fabric bunching up around your ankles is also a bad look. Keep this in mind when buying new pieces as well – perfectly fitted pants with a cuff will always look better than slightly longer ones that drag along the floor behind you.   

7) Pay Attention to Lining & Details

There are some cases where having something repaired rather than simply shortened can make a huge difference. Look for fabrics that are improperly sewn together, or if the lining isn’t properly attached to garments, anything like this can be very distracting when you’re wearing them, so do your best to avoid them in the first place!

When purchasing a new suit jacket you have to make sure that if the size is not ideal, at least it is close to ideal.

There are some parts, such as the shoulders or the length of the jackets that have many limitations such as the amount of fabric inside that is available or just can’t be altered.

These limits will tell us how much we can tailor the suit, as we have to make sure to balance the proportion of the garment and re-shape the connecting pattern pieces in order to achieve the desired result.


Our main alteration services include:

  • Jacket Shoulders
  • Narrow the Sleeves
  • Shorten the Sleeves
  • Lengthen the Sleeves
  • Reduce the Shoulder Width
  • Replace the Buttons
  • Suppress the Waist
  • Adjust Jacket Length
  • Hem the Pants
  • Alter the Chest
  • Take In Suit Jacket
  • Let Out Suit Jacket
  • Fix Shoulders Divots
  • Adjust Pants Length
  • Adjust Pants Waist & Leg Width
  • Narrow the Legs
  • Change the Zipper
  • Adjust the Rise
  • Replace Cuffs & Collars
  • Shorten Torso Length
  • Slim the Fit


Jacket Shoulders Adjustments

The shoulder pads in your jacket should perfectly align with your shoulders. In theory, you can extend or take in the shoulders, depending on the limitations that every jacket has. In general, the more you take-in or let-out the shoulder, the more you have to restructure the suit as it will affect the sleeves or the chest.


Sleeves Adjusting- Narrowing, Shortening & Lengthening

There is nothing worse than a shirt sleeve that has been swallowed up by an extra-long jacket sleeve or a too-short sleeve that exposes the entire cuff of the shirt. Your jacket sleeve must be not too long, not too short, but just right. After the alteration you will see that when you let your arms hang naturally and the suit jacket handcuff rests just above the base of your palm, revealing about a quarter-inch of your shirt cuff.

In most cases, sleeves may be the easiest part of a jacket to change and the main limitation is the available fabric in the sleeve head and the buttonholes. In order to shorten the sleeves properly, the best option is to shorten them from the shoulders, keeping this way the functionality of the buttonholes. The other option the tailor has is to shorten them from the hem. On the other hand, the only option for lengthening the sleeves is to adjust them from the hem. Finally, as for sleeves narrowing, we have to see if the construction of the jacket allows this to be done.


Adjusting Jacket Length

It is possible to shorten the jacket by a small amount. When shortening the jacket, the most important is to keep the balance of the pockets and the bottom. On the other hand, jackets can’t be made longer, as there isn’t enough fabric to exploit.


Pants Hem

Suit pants with extra-long lengths will destroy your style and that is why getting your pants hemmed is something that every guy should consider. Hemming your pants is a simple and inexpensive alteration. We can ensure to get exactly the pant break you want, whether you want to lengthen or shorten your hem.

You can choose between different breaks. No break is when the hem of your pants doesn’t touch the shoe at all, the half break is if you see a slight dent in the front and the full break is if you have a noticeable dent in the front of the pants but none in the back.


Adjust the Waist & Leg Width

Your pants can be taken in at the waist easily. On the other hand,  to let out at the waist you need to take into consideration the limitation of the available fabric at the seam. To see how much room you have, just check on the inside of your pants.

As for the leg width, legs cannot be made larger, but they can easily be tapered, especially from the knee to the bottom.

Finally, depending on how much we will take in or let out the waist or legs, we might also need to alter the rise.


Alter Pant Rise 

A trousers rise is the distance between the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. The rise is the most difficult to change as it requires removing the waistband and replacing the zipper as well. It’s not a common alteration, but sometimes it is an important one.

If you prefer a slimmer fit, tapering the legs of your dress pants can help achieve the desired look.

During the tapering process, the tailor will measure your hips, thighs, knees, and ankles to determine the appropriate amount of fabric to remove. This ensures that the final product will result in a well-fitted and flattering pair of pants.

Once the measurements have been taken, the tailor will pin the excess fabric and mark the new tapering lines. The pins may feel uncomfortable, but they are necessary for the tailor to make precise alterations.

Next, the tailor will sew along the new tapering lines, creating a new seam that tapers the legs without compromising the overall structure of the pants. The excess fabric will then be trimmed and removed.

It’s important to note that tapering the legs of dress pants can make alterations to the shape of the pockets and the overall balance of the pants. This is why it’s crucial to find a skilled tailor who can ensure that the final product results in a comfortable and well-fitted pair of pants.

When complete, you will have a new slim-fit pair of dress pants that will give you a modern, stylish look.

When considering altering the legs of your dress pants, it’s important to choose the right fabric and style to achieve the desired result. The fabric you choose should be easily altered and not too delicate, as some fabrics may not hold up well during the tailoring process. Additionally, the original style and design of your dress pants should also be taken into consideration to ensure a seamless and cohesive alteration.

Final Thought & Suit Alterations Guarantee

A couple of alterations can make a huge difference to the overall look and the trick is to buy a suit that is close to the ideal fit to minimize the work that needs to be done. However, when the alteration is done properly it’s always money well spent as it will make you look and feel great. Not all alterations and tailoring services are cheap, and some may not even be worth it. In that case, we need to see the suit on you, so we can give you the best solution and of course, the consultation for all the kinds of clothing repair is free of charge.

NLefashion: Suit Alteration Experience & Expertise You Can Trust!

With decades of experience, NLefashion is your go-to local tailor shop for expert suit alterations. Our team of skilled professionals has successfully transformed numerous suit jackets and pants, combining technical expertise with creative vision. Check out our reviews and trust us to make your suit fit flawlessly. 

Toronto Suit Alterations
It is so great to work with people who love what they do and are great at it - and Nadia is one of those people. I was looking for pant alterations and ended up getting my suits (that I no longer wore because they didn’t fit properly) custom-fitted and tailored. I will definitely go back to Nadia and have no hesitation in recommending her work. Thanks Nadia!
Google Reviews
Ivan G.
Very fast service and great work. She was able to alter a pair of dress pants for me and did it very quickly. I'll be coming back if I need any tailoring in the future.
Google Reviews
Tyler B.
After other tailors told me to buy a new suit, Nadia took care of it with no issues. The suit was very large but it was tailored down to fit perfectly. Now that I have found Nadia, I will be bringing my other suits and shirts to be fixed. Thank you for the great service and craftsmanship.
Google Reviews
Domenic N.
I came with my oversized suit and she did a perfect job with the recutting and resizing! It fits perfect now thanks to Nadia, I highly recommend to come her for any tailoring needs!
Google Reviews
Manuel G.
Amazing service and quality, Nadia made my tux absolutely perfect. Highly recommend! I'll definitely be back!
Google Reviews
Luke S.
I required a multitude of alterations to my groomsman suit, and yes, same day. I was apprehensive about anyone completing the task with such little time, but Nadia and her team not only finished the suit the same day but nailed the suit to give a tailored fit - Thank you!
Google Reviews
Phil S.
Nadia is the consummate professional. I had a number of items to be adjusted and she was perfect in the execution of everything. She did it quickly and did it exactly how I wanted and couldn’t avast for a better result. I would highly recommend her.
Google Reviews
Michael H.
Nadia is an expert at her craft and really understands how clothes should fit on your body. I recently had some jeans taken in and my son had two suits tailored and both of us are extremely happy with the result. With my jeans, Nadia had to correct a poor job that was done by Stitch It and now my jeans fit like they were made for me. You can trust that the work done by Nadia will be of utmost quality.
Google Reviews
I recently found out about Nadia being close by in the area. I had some nice t-shirts that required to be altered. Nadia made the perfect alterations that were done with care and quality. Her service was also done promptly and it was a pleasure to behave her tailor my clothes. Will definitely come back for other pieces of clothes to be tailored.
Google Reviews
Jimmy D.
Over the years I lost a lot of weight and my business suits and pants did not fit. Their style was also outdated. Nadia altered my suits and pants not only so they fit, but she modernized them for the current trends. Really good quality alterations and are reasonably priced. I am happy to recommend Nadia’s services to anyone in need of alterations.
Google Reviews
Vijay S.
Highly recommended! Nadia altered three suits to my size, reducing and pulling in the materials. Nadia took careful measurements of each suit and recommended the changes. She has a keen eye for understanding exactly what a client is looking for. Her service was prompt, and expertly crafted, and after we tried on the altered pieces, she performed additional adjustments to ensure the suits looked perfect.
Google Reviews
Dustin S.
I am very happy with my custom shirts. Nadia is very fast, and the work is very high in quality. Will be coming back for sure.
Google Reviews
Maks M.
Nadia is an excellent tailor. She makes helpful suggestions and gets the job done efficiently and in no time. I will be definitely using her tailoring services in the near future. Highly recommend NLefashion.
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Bashir P.
You guys are amazing. I have been looking for alteration specialists like you for a long time…..keep up the great work…
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Omar T.
Was in a big rush when I found Nadia and her atelier. She understood my request by making the correct adjustments to my wedding suit. Very fascinating and much appreciated fast service!
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Mihalis A.
Thanks for the suit alterations. I am really happy with the quality and of course the price.
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Akhil R.
Replaced a zipper on a pair of jeans and had a custom jersey which I got too large, fitted. Excellent work and super friendly! Will be visiting again for any future needs.
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JMax C.
Nadia did a great job with alterations on two of my suits. Fast and reliable.
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Mario A.
Excellent service and a wonderful seamstress. I absolutely love my suit, Nadia altered it perfectly for me. I highly recommend coming here, I will definitely be bringing more of my suits!
Google Reviews
Khaleel S
Thank you for your service and clothing alterations. I like the final result.
Google Reviews
Ngoc M.

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