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Men’s Suit alterations 

When it comes to Suit alterations, there are a variety of different alteration services. Some are requiring a high level of tailoring skills to accomplish properly.

Before you choose the Tailor that will alter your suit, be sure that you made your research and read all the reviews, just to be sure that the Tailor will get the job done properly.

Fixing your suits or tuxedo and achieving a good fit is important. It is a great investment that will improve your image, but only when done correctly.


Mihalis A.- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I was in a big rush when I found Nadia and her atelier. She understood my request by making the correct adjustments on my wedding suit. Very fascinating and much appreciated fast service!

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When you feel comfortable, it has an impact on the way you look, the way you stand, and the way you walk. Our suit alterations service guarantees the perfect fit for both the jacket and the pants. In the meantime, you can also check the 6 Rules for a Perfectly Tailored Suit


The Suit Fitting and Alteration Process

The first step in your suit alterations is to try both the jacket and pants. To ensure that you end up with a perfect fit, it is really important to bring with you the shirt you would normally wear and your shoes so that your pants can be tailored to the precise length.

For the suit jacket, you have to make sure that it is close to an ideal fit. There are limits to how much we can tailor it.

To make it fit perfectly and make sure it looks great, we should focus on five areas of suit alterations. The shoulders, the collar, the waist, the sleeves and the pants.

A great-fitting tuxedo jacket is a delicate balancing act between the shoulders, chest and arms. The padding in the shoulder should align with your shoulder and create a straight line from the collar to the sleeve.

In other words, if the suit jacket is too wide, then the shoulder doesn’t fill out and if it is too narrow it will pull the fabric and you won’t feel comfortable. The tight shoulder can pull across the top of the tuxedo jacket and create a gap between the shirt collar and jacket’s collar.

Without a doubt, the suit jacket’s collar can make the difference or break the look, so we need to pay extra attention to those parts.


Akhil R.- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thanks for the suit alterations. I am really happy with the quality and of course the price.

Tuxedo Jacket Sleeves

As for the sleeve length, there is nothing worse like a shirt sleeve that has been swallowed up by an extra-long jacket sleeve or having a too-short sleeve that exposes the entire cuff of the shirt.

Your jacket sleeve must be not too long, not too short, but just right. After the alteration you will see that when you let your arms hang naturally and the suit jacket handcuff rests just above the base of your palm, revealing about a quarter-inch of your shirt cuff.

Finally, the suit pants with extra-long length will destroy your style. We need to make the dress pants alteration to get rid of the puddle of fabric around the ankles.

When you return to the store to pick up your suits, you will have the chance to try it on again, stand in front of a mirror and look for final adjustments. It is absolutely necessary especially if you ordered multiple adjustments.

The suits should fit perfectly. It should lay flat across your chest comfortably without any indication of pull across your waist and should have no visible bulges or ripples in the fabric.

The dress pants should fit comfortably in the waist, the seat should drape without any pull or droop, and the cuff should fall exactly where you intended. If there are any imperfections, alert the tailor and have the minor adjustments made to perfect the suit’s fit.

Common Suit Pants & Jacket Alterations

Reduce & Extend suit Jacket Sleeves: Sleeves can be either too long or too short and although there is no limitation on how short you can go, the amount you can extend the sleeves will depend on the fabric that exists inside the sleeves. Sometimes buttonholes set the limitations, so you need to consult our Tailor.

Re-line Jacket
Tapering Jacket Sleeves
Shorten Tuxedo Jacket
Reducing or Extending Suit Jacket Shoulders

Dress Shirt Alteration
Take-in and Hemming Dress Shirt
Move Collar Button
Suit Pants Alteration
Hemming Pant Legs (With/Without Cuff)
Take-In/Let-Out: Hips, Pant Legs, Waist and Jacket
Vest Repair: Take-in and Shorten Vest
Reshape Armholes
Repair Pocket Lining
Add Shoulder Pad
Re-sew Buttons
Recut Pants


Dustin S.- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Highly recommended! Nadia altered three suits to my size, reducing and pulling in the materials. Nadia took careful measurements of each suit and recommended the changes. She has a keen eye for understanding exactly what a client is looking for. Her service was prompt, expertly crafted. And after we tried on the altered pieces, she performed additional adjustments to ensure the suits looked perfect.

Tuxedo & Suit alterations cost

Suit Alterations services cost vary depending on the particular level of tailoring skills and the level of expertise requiring to accomplish properly the alteration. The answer to the question of how much a suit alterations cost is it depends.

There are 3 main categories.

  1. An easy suit alteration that can be completed anywhere.
  2. The moderate where you need a professional tailor to complete it
  3. The expert which includes the toughest alteration. In that category you gonna need the best professional tailor in Etobicoke. Do not hesitate to contact us whether you have any questions about our services. 

Of course, in addition to our tuxedo alterations, you can learn more about our full range of bridesmaid & wedding dress alterations services in Toronto.

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