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Congratulations! You’ve found your dream bridal gown, but buying a wedding gown is just the beginning. As usual, the gown of your dreams needs a few wedding dress alterations to perfectly suit your body and style.

That’s where Nadia Lef- Bridal Alteration Shop and Wedding Dress Alterations come in!
We can alter almost all kinds of wedding dresses, from modern ones to more traditional ones.

To make the process easier, we provide a free consultation for our clients in Toronto (Etobicoke, North York), Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and other GTA regions.

Bridal & Wedding Gown Alteration & Fitting Tips

Bridal dress alteration near me

The first fitting usually takes place a few weeks before the wedding day. It should take about an hour and is the perfect opportunity to add special details, personalize your wedding gowns or remodel it. 

You can also check the knot and learn everything you need to know about bridal alterations.

Our bridal alteration specialist will check the bridal gown from all angles. Look for places where we need to take in, let our, shorten, lengthen or alter the bridal gown, to fit in the bride’s unique figure. 


The second fitting will take place about 3-4 weeks before your Wedding Dress Alteration Torontowedding. You should bring again all undergarments, shoes, jewelry and any accessories you plan to wear for your wedding.

On the second fitting, we will make sure that we addressed all the concerns from the first fitting. 

We will check that you can move around comfortably and that there’s no obvious wrinkling, bunching or pulling of material and we will pin any final adjustments to the bodice area. 

Finally, we will find the proper hem length where your hem skims the tops of the shoes you plan to wear with your gown.

On the last fitting, you will try your bridal gown on to make sure you’re 100% happy. If there aren’t any wrinkled or adjustments needed, you will take your wedding gown home!

Maid of Honour & Bridesmaid Dress Alterations​

Being a Bridesmaid is something that makes you honoured, excited and grateful. However, if the gown is not custom made, the bridesmaid dress alterations are necessary to achieve a perfect fit.

Almost all bridesmaids dresses need alterations. Usually, the dresses have the same bust, waist, and hip measurement. 

It is really rare for someone to find the gown that matches one size exactly, which means alterations are necessary.

Take a gown that fits most parts of your body and our bridesmaid dress alterations in Toronto will make it fit perfectly. 

In order to provide you with high-quality bridesmaid dress alterations result in Toronto, we need to see the dress. There are many details that we can see only when the gown in on you. 

Bridesmaid dresses are usually made of satin or an equally fragile fabric. Therefore, it’s best to have them altered by a professional tailor who specializes in dresses, such as Nadia Lef in Etobicoke and next to Mississauga.

You can also check this article and learn Everything Your Bridal Party Needs to Know About Bridesmaid Dress Alterations.

Do not hesitate to contact us whether you’ve questions about our bridal dress alteration services in Etobicoke.

How much do wedding dress alterations cost?

Below you can find the complete wedding gown alterations price list to services we provide. 

Whether you have a gown that you want to restyle, remodel or alter, simply choose the part you want to alter and find the detailed pricing. 

***Please note: These are the starting prices and the total price will depend on how much work needs to be done and the complexity of the bridal gown. 

Wedding Gowns have special fabrics or adornments such as beads, lace, tulle or crystals and may require more extensive tailoring. 

You can also learn how much it will cost to alter a simple dress.

Bra Cups/Attach Bra$20
Adjust Neckline at Over Bust$65
Plain- Resize Bust Line$80
Fancy/Detail Resize Bust Line$150
Plain (Add/In/Out)$40
Fancy/Detail/Beaded (Add/In/Out)$80
Plain  (In/Out)$65
Fancy/Detail/Zipper (In/Out)$110
Beaded (In/Out)$150
Center Back Plain (In/Out)$80
Center Back Fancy/Detail (In/Out)$110
Center Back Beaded (In/Out)$150
Wrist Loops for Train$30
Up to 4 Attachments$70
5-10 Attachments$95
11 or more Attachments$130
Spaghetti Straps (Plain)$25
Halter Neckline (In)$35
Raise Shoulders (Plain Sleeveless)$45
Spaghetti Straps (Beaded)$80
Raise Shoulders (Fancy/Detail Sleeveless)$80
Raise Shoulders (Beaded Sleeveless)$125
Straps Make/Attach Up to 1/2″ Wide$75+material
Remove Train$89
Plain Straight Shorten$150
Plain A Lined/Narrow Bias Shorten$195
Plain Full Shorten$250
Narrow Straight with Lace Shorten$295
Extra Full Plain Shorten$295
Full with Lace/Other Detail Shorten$350
Beaded Shorten$395
Shorten in 2 Spots (waist & bottom)$450
Plain (In/Out)$65
Fancy/Detail (In/Out)$110
Beaded (In/Out)$150
Plain Hem$25
Fancy Hem$45
Shorten from Top (Plain)$75
Beaded Hem$80
Shorten From Top (Fancy)$125
Shorten From Top (Beaded)$175
Shorten in the middle reattach detail (Beaded)$180
Remove or Alter Crinoline$25
Elastic (In/Out/Add)$25
Add Waist Line Gross Grain/Elastic/Hold up Strapless Gown$25
Add gripper Elastic/Hold up Strapless Gown$25
Add Easing Thread/Tighten Neckline/Armhole$25
Open/Close Slits$30
Shorten/Attach/Detach Belt- Plain$30
Shorten/Attach/Detach Belt- Fancy$45
Add non-Functional buttons to the zipper (up to 25)$50
Add Modesty Piece (per Area)$50+material

Are you ready for a Bridal Alteration?

Our store located in Etobicoke and we serve our customers from Toronto, Mississauga, Woodbridge and North York.

Do not hesitate to contact us whether you have any questions about our wedding dress alteration services or whether you want to alter your Bridesmaid, Prom, Formal or Evening Gown. 

If you are still not sure, you can check our reviews below and see what our customers saying about our dress repair services quality, pricing and of course the final result.

Alter your Wedding Gown today!

You can book a FREE in-person consultation. This way, we can better advise you on the wedding dress alterations to make sure the final result fits you perfectly. 

Keaton M.

I brought my wedding dress to be altered here. Nadia is a very sweet and personable woman who listened to my wishes and concerns. She is very skilled and knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable leaving my dress with her. Due to COVID, I had to cancel my wedding, so I don't have pictures as of yet, but will post once our wedding finally happens!
Wedding Dress Alterations & Repair

Marianne B.

Nadia did a wonderful job altering a bridal skirt for me, she is very detailed, thorough and great value for quality work. It came out even better than expected! Will definitely go back to Nadia for any bridal alterations needs!
Wedding Dress Hemming

Maria B.

Nadia did an amazing job with my wedding dress alteration. Her work is beautiful, very fast and fairly priced. My dress was 2 sizes too big and I wanted to get rid of the train, have the bottom all one length. By looking at my dress you could never tell it had anything done. The embroidery and beadwork look flawless and it fits like a glove.
Bridal Alteration Etobicoke

Lev M.

Nadia is a true artist of fashion design. We had an emergency situation with four gowns that needed to be redesigned and tailored two weeks before a wedding! Nadia designed the perfect alterations for the dresses in order to fit our style, and then tailored them in record time, in time for the wedding. The girls were delighted with the final product, and they all looked absolutely gorgeous in their newly altered and fitted gowns; no-one would even suspect that each gown had undergone major surgery to make it usable! It must be emphasized that Nadia is not just a seamstress - she is a talented designer with a deep and imaginative sense of style.
wedding gown alterations toronto

Laura A.

I absolutely LOVE how my wedding dress alterations turned out! Nadia is so friendly and professional. She completed the alterations much faster than I thought she would, and the cost was very reasonable. So happy I went to her for my bridal alterations, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Wedding Alterations Toronto

Leslie C.

I had to let out the waist and hip of my mermaid wedding gown. My dress had lace and patterns made with small pearl beads all over from top to middle of thigh. She had to detach a lot of those around seam area and re-install and also had to extended the beads pattern as letting out the seam. She made it flawlessly to get a long with the original pattern.The adjusted size fit to me just perfect along my body while it's comfortable enough to move in the gown. I liked that she spent enough time to look at details on my gown and discussed with me to suggest the best way.
Wedding Dress Fitting

Sara N.

I brought my wedding dress to Nadia to add a bustle and take in the fabric that was loose in the back. I was very impressed and happy with her work! First, I really liked being able to book an appointment with her online. Second, she works very quickly- I had to reschedule my wedding very suddenly due to COVID so I brought her my dress on a Thursday and told her I needed it by the end the following week. She texted me 3 days later saying it was ready!!! Lastly, her work was excellent. The bustle was simple (like I wanted) and she pulled in the back to fit me perfectly. I would absolutely recommend coming to Nadia for wedding dress alterations.
bridal dress alterations etobicoke

Michelle B.

I cannot say enough amazing things about Nadia and her work! My wedding gown was beautiful to start, but after Nadia made it fit perfectly to my body and created bustles that were just incredible I could not be more in love with my wedding gown! She is so incredibly kind and talented! I highly recommend her to all upcoming brides. It can be very nerve wrecking to hand over your wedding gown to anyone - but with Nadia you can trust that she will do a wonderful job at keeping to the original design and enhancing it to look perfect on your body! I will be coming back for any other alteration needs. Thank you so much Nadia 🙂
Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

Michelle C.

I have had a lot of pieces altered, but NEVER have I worked with such a lovely and detail-oriented seamstress. Not only is she a joy to be around, but she is super fast/efficient and made my bridesmaid dress fit like a glove. She also custom placed lace on it seamlessly using her creativity and expert skill. I cannot recommend Nadia enough.
Bridesmaid dresses Alterations Toronto

Danielle G.

She helped me with a Bridesmaid dress I needed altered and was an absolute pleasure! Very talented with a lot of experience, and it’s apparent. Her prices were very reasonable and fair. 100% recommend for anyone needing custom or altered services.
Bridesmaid Dress Alteration Toronto

Jillian Elizabeth C.

Very professional and quick. She altered a bridesmaids dress for me and it fits perfectly. Reasonable prices, very friendly and personable.
maid of honour dress alteration

Caroline G.

I had beautiful alterations done on a bridesmaid dress. Great attention to detail and perfect seams. I highly recommend Nadia Lef.

Due to COVID-19, can I bring my mom, sister or both along or do I have to come in alone?

For now, it is absolutely fine to bring with you one more guest. If things are better by July, probably you can bring both your mom and sister.

I am looking to have remodel 2 wedding dresses into a one-piece. Is this something you can do?

It is better if you bring the 2 dresses. This way you can show us exactly the new design you have in mind. It is not something common and we need to create a custom wedding design by using the fabric of 2 other dresses, so in order to achieve a desirable result, we need to start with a free in-person meeting.

I wanted to get my wedding dress altered to you. I am looking to shorten and bustle my wedding dress. The straps will also need to be shortened as well. I was wondering what the timeline for booking this sort of thing is and how can we start?

You can book an appointment online and visit our store when it works best for you. In order to achieve a perfect result without any stress, we going to need 5 to 8 weeks. During our first meeting, we can discuss all the details. 

I am shopping around for alterations prices for my wedding gown as I was quoted (what I believe) to be a ridiculously high amount for alterations from the bridal salon.

From our experience, our prices are on average 20-40% lower.

I am looking to do a few alterations to my wedding dress, such as a hem, add a bustle, shorten straps and remove a layer of the tool underneath the skirt. Is there are a way you could tell me how much this would cost if I send you a photo?

The wedding dress has to fit perfectly on your body, silhouette and style. We can achieve it only if you try it on. There are many details I need to see before we can tell you the final price and unfortunately we can’t see them from a photo.

I was hoping you could give me a quote for shortening the hem of my dress and taking it in at the waist.

The most exciting thing about wedding dresses is that they are unique, so, unfortunately, there is no fixed price. In order to take a good idea about our prices, you can check our reviews and see what our customers saying about us.

I just picked up my bridesmaid dress and it is too tight around the waist and the cups that they put in look a bit funny. I know it is extremely last minute but I am wondering if you would be able to help me with these issues.

We will do our best to help you, but first, we need to see the dress.

I have a bridesmaid’s dress that needs slight alterations. It fits well but the halter needs to be fitted properly and it needs to be hemmed. Please let me know when you have time for me to come by.

You are more than welcome and you can book an appointment online. Just choose the day and time that works best for you.

I got a bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding. The store sold me a 2 instead of a 4. Could I please come in to see if you can alter it?

Of course. Visit our store, so we can see the design and how the dress is stitched.

I am looking into shortening my bridesmaid’s dress a couple of centimetres and would need it done by next week. Would this be possible?

During the wedding season, it usually takes more than 2 weeks. On the other hand, if you require an alteration between October to March, usually it can take less than one week, depending on the dress.

I have a bridesmaid dress that requires alterations. My dress is a size 4, and I will likely need some minor alterations to the straps, bust, and bodice. Can you provide me with an approximate quote?

In order to provide you with a price, we have to see the dress on you. There are many details, such as body shape and fabric that unfortunately, we can’t see by the photos.

I was wondering if I could get a starting quote for a bridesmaid’s dress. I would like to shorten the length, shorten the shoulders and sew the leg slit up a little.

You can find all the starting prices to alter a simple dress on our website at Of course, the final price will depend on the complexity of the dress and the alterations that should be made.
That is why I have to see the dress on you first.

I am a bridesmaid next month and have to alter a crepe Dessy dress. I need to take it in so it is fitted more. Could you let me know the price range I may expect if I were to bring it to you for alterations?

As for prices in general, you can also check our reviews and see what our customers saying about their experience.