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Top Rated Bridal Alterations in Toronto

Congratulations! You’ve found your dream bridal gown, but buying a wedding gown is just the beginning. As usual, the gown of your dreams needs a few wedding alterations to perfectly fit your body and style.

That’s where Wedding Dress Alterations come in! We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients and strive to make every bride look and feel beautiful.


From Wedding Dress Shortening to Remodelling

We offer specialized bridal alteration services and we have the experience altering a variety of wedding dresses, from modern ones to more traditional ones.

Our primary goal is to ensure that your wedding dress fits flawlessly and our skilled in-house tailors pay close attention to the unique body shapes and proportions of each bride. By doing so, we guarantee that your gown will not only fit perfectly but also enhance your overall appearance and boost your confidence.

Bridal Alterations Cost

How much do wedding dress alterations cost in Toronto?

In Toronto, wedding dress alterations typically cost between $200 and $700. The price can vary depending on the complexity of the alterations and the reputation of the tailor or bridal shop. Simple alterations like hemming or adjusting straps are on the lower end, while significant modifications or customizations can be more expensive.

Below you can find the complete wedding dress alterations price list of the services we provide. Whether you have a gown that you want to restyle, remodel or alter, simply choose the part you want to alter and find the detailed pricing.

From our experience working with bridal stores, our prices are on average 20-40% lower, as we do all the alterations in our shop, without outsourcing the projects.

You can also learn how much it will cost to alter an evening dress or a bridesmaid dress.

Wedding Dress Alterations Cost Price List

A wedding dress should reflect the bride’s unique sense of style, and that’s exactly what our wedding bodice bust alteration does.

Bra Cups (you can order the cups online as well)$20
Attach Bra to Wedding Dress$20
Adjust Gown Neckline at Over Bust$65
Resize Bust Line on Plain Dress$80
Resize Bust Line on Fancy/Detail Gown$150
Plain Wedding Dress (Add/In/Out)$40
Fancy/Detail/Beaded Gown (Add/In/Out)$80

Takes in or out the sided can make a big difference in a wedding dress, as it will fit the bride well and feel comfortable.

Plain Wedding Dress (In/Out)$65
Fancy/Detail/Zipper Bridal Gown (In/Out)$110
Beaded Bridal Gown (In/Out)$150
Center Back on Plain Dress (In/Out)$80
Center Back on Fancy/Detail Gown (In/Out)$110
Center Back on Beaded Bridal Gown (In/Out)$150


Wrist Loops for Train$30
Up to 4 Attachments$70
5-10 Attachments$95
11 or more Attachments$130
Spaghetti Straps for Plain Dress$25
Halter Gown Neckline (In)$35
Raise Shoulders on Plain Sleeveless dress$45
Spaghetti Straps for Beaded Gown$80
Raise Shoulders on Fancy/Detail Sleeveless Dress$80
Raise Shoulders  on a Beaded Sleeveless Gown$125
Make/Attach Bridal Straps- Up to 1/2″ Wide$75+material

Dress Shortening prices depend mainly on the total length of the bridal skirt and the number of layers. Also, some gowns have special fabrics or adornments such as beads, lace, tulle, or crystals and may require more extensive tailoring.

Remove Wedding Dress Train$89
Plain Dress- Straightening & Shortening$150
Plain Dress- A Lined/Narrow Bias Shortening$195
Plain Dress- Full Skirt Shortening$250
Lace Bridal Skirt- Narrow Straightening & Shortening$295
Extra Full Plain Dress Shortening$295
Full with Lace/Other Detail Gown Shortening$350
Beaded Gown Shortening$395
Shorten Skirt in 2 Spots (waist & bottom)$450
Plain Wedding Dress (In/Out)$65
Fancy/Detail Gown (In/Out)$110
Beaded Bridal Gown (In/Out)$150
Plain Dress Sleeve Hem$25
Fancy Gown Sleeve Hem$45
Shortening from Top (Plain Gowns)$75
Beaded Gown Sleeve Hem$80
Shortening Sleeve From Top (Fancy Gowns)$125
Shortening Sleeve From Top (Beaded Gowns)$175
Shortening Sleeve in the middle reattach detail (Beaded Gowns)$180
Remove or Alter Crinoline$25
Elastic (In/Out/Add)$25
Add Waist Line Gross Grain/Elastic/Hold up Strapless Gown$25
Add gripper Elastic/Hold up Strapless Gown$25
Add Easing Thread/Tighten Neckline/Armhole$25
Open/Close Slits$30
Shorten/Attach/Detach Belt- Plain$30
Shorten/Attach/Detach Belt- Fancy$45
Add non-Functional buttons to the zipper (up to 25)$50
Add Modesty Piece (per Area)$50+material

***Please note: These are the starting prices and the total price will depend on how much work needs to be done and the complexity of the bridal gown. Wedding Gowns have special fabrics or adornments such as beads, lace, tulle or crystals and may require more extensive tailoring.

To provide you with an accurate price, we offer a FREE consultation. After you try the dress and we see exactly the alterations that should be done, we can recommend to you how we can transform your gown.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Dress Alterations

As a general rule, it usually takes 3-5 weeks to alter a bridal gown, but it can vary depending on the service and how many dresses we have in our queue. For more complicated projects we might need more time, so you should aim to have your bridal alteration appointment at least six weeks before your wedding date.

How soon before my wedding should I get my dress altered?

Timing is key when it comes to wedding dress alterations. It’s generally recommended to schedule your alterations about 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. This timeframe gives us enough time for multiple fittings and any necessary adjustments.

Your wedding dress shouldn’t be a source of stress, so it is always better to allow plenty of time for your wedding dress alterations!

Altering a wedding dress for a destination wedding

It’s important to consider the timing to ensure a seamless experience. As our alterations will be done in-store, it’s crucial to take into consideration the need to complete the dress before you travel. Plan your alteration appointments with ample time before your departure date, allowing sufficient time for the alterations to be completed and any necessary fittings or adjustments to be made.

Ideally, three wedding fittings are enough to achieve the desired fit of your wedding dress, but of course, this depends on the bridal gown.

The number of fittings depends on the dress and whether you require basic tweaks or major remodeling & restyling. For plain wedding dresses, we usually need 2 fittings and for more complex gowns 3 fittings. Every Fitting session takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The standard flow of wedding dress fittings is as follows:

  • The first fitting: We will assess the fabric, and overall structure of the dress. The bridal dress is examined from all angles in order to find the alterations that should be done to fit in the bride’s unique figure. It is also the perfect opportunity to add special details or remodel your wedding gown. 
  • The second fitting: Our bridal seamstresses will make sure that we addressed all the concerns from the first fitting and will check for any outstanding tweaks that we have to make. We will also check that you can move around comfortably and that there’s no obvious wrinkling, bunching, or pulling of material. 
  • The third fitting is for any final touch-ups. You will try your bridal gown on to make sure you’re 100% happy. If there aren’t any wrinkles or adjustments needed, you will take your wedding gown home!

In general, it is always better to have a dress that is a few sizes bigger than a smaller one. Wedding dresses can usually be altered up to two sizes smaller or one size larger, ensuring a proper fit while maintaining the dress’s integrity, structure and design. This range will allow us to do the necessary adjustments to make it fit perfectly, while still ensuring that the dress retains its original look and quality.

However, it’s important to note that the extent of alterations may also depend on factors such as the dress’s original construction, design details, and the type of fabric used. Therefore, it is crucial to consult our skilled tailors, who can assess the dress and provide expert guidance on the feasible alterations to achieve the perfect fit for your wedding day.

Can a wedding dress be too big to alter?

Wedding dresses can be altered to approximately one to two sizes. While most wedding dresses can be altered to some extent, downsizing by more than a few sizes is possible, but it may require extensive alterations that could potentially affect the proportions and design elements of the dress. In some cases, the dress may need to be recut if more than three sizes need to be taken in.

Can a tailor make a small dress larger?

While minor adjustments can improve the fit of a small dress, making it significantly larger is a more complex process. A seamstress can often add more fabric to the bust or waist area, but there are limitations to enlarging a dress, especially if it requires substantial size increases.

When you come to your initial fitting appointment, there are several things you should bring with you such as shoes to properly mark the hem and anything else that you plan to wear on your special day and that can greatly impact the fit of your dress, such as the undergarments (bra, cups, slip, corsets).

Our Tailor will do everything to make sure your gown fits perfectly, but you should also take a close look at the fit and how the fabric falls.

If something doesn’t feel right, speak up. Be direct about how you envision your gown looking and feeling. If there are any significant changes you want to make, such as adding illusion lace sleeves or altering the neckline, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Finally, if you feel more comfortable bringing a member of the bridal party or your mother with you, then you are more than welcome to do so.

We all know that you need to find the perfect wedding dress for your big day. One that will flatter your curves, look gorgeous in photos and keep you cool on a hot summer’s day. But what happens when you go to try this gown on at home and it doesn’t fit properly or worse, needs some kind of alteration?

Some common wedding dress alterations we provide include shortening the hem, taking in/out on the hips and waist, removing or adding sleeves, train loop, bustling, button and shortening straps, taking in around the chest, adding a waist stay, and altering the neckline and back, adding darts or replacing the zipper.

Here are the descriptions of the alterations every bride should be prepared for…

1) Sleeve shortening/lengthening: Depending on how narrow or wide your arms are, sleeves can be altered (shortened or lengthened) accordingly. Did you know that most bridal shops cut dresses with built-in ease? So they’re made 2 inches bigger than your measurements to ensure a good fit.

2) Waistline alteration: To get that waist-train or princess cut effect, your dress will have to be taken in at the side seams. But don’t worry if your dress is made too tight for comfort! Your seamstress can also remove fabric from the front of the dress so you’ll still have plenty of room to breathe.

3) Bust alteration: Wedding dresses are often designed with built-in cups or padding, but many girls need more support than this provides. If it’s simply not enough, our tailor can always add an extra layer underneath using boning and/or heavy interfacing to create the desired shape for you.

4) Hips alteration: This is a tricky one as you should try and keep your hips looking as natural as possible. But if there’s too much fabric hanging off the side seams, it can be taken in so that nothing looks out of place.

5) Hem alteration: This is probably the most common alteration. Wedding dress hemming will depend on your dress and shoes, but the length should always allow you to walk comfortably rather than having to shuffle along. If this isn’t the case, your seamstress can lower or raise the hemline accordingly by folding it over at regular intervals.

If your hemline has been taken up or down too much, you can always have it re-hemmed. Your tailor will then need to unpick the original stitching and hand stitch a new hem into place. This is not only useful for uneven hems but also if the fabric has started to fray in certain areas.

6) Train alteration: A wedding gown train can be altered depending on how far down you want it to the trail – may be only around 2 inches – or it might need its base shortened or completely removed.

7) Side seam alteration: If a dart has been sewn into the side seams, it can be taken out to create a looser fit – especially if you have a small bust – or moved further up if there’s too much material at the waist. This is also useful for getting rid of bulges around your middle as darted areas will typically sit flat against your body and smooth out any bumps.

8) Shoulder strap adjustment: If they’re digging in under your armpits due to buckles that are too loose, find those straps and loosen those buckles slightly. Also, notice how high those shoulder straps sit and whether they need to be adjusted so that they don’t slip off your shoulders.

9) Altering the neckline: One of our popular services that can make a huge impact is neckline alteration and we can have the neckline opened or closed.

10) Adding or removing straps/sleeves: If you want more coverage on your arms, adding sleeves can be a great solution!

11) Narrowing or widening the skirt. This is another difficult alteration that requires a lot of experience. 

In addition to the common bridal alterations, we can also take over projects that require a particular level of tailoring skills and level of expertise to restyle or remodel completely a wedding dress.

Our skilled team of bridal dress tailors is well-known for its exceptional craftsmanship. If your wedding dress, or any formal occasion dress, doesn’t fit you perfectly, our seamstresses will skillfully alter it so it does. We handle all kinds of adjustments, including adding sleeves to strapless gowns, shortening dresses, taking in waists and hips, and more!

While it is possible to attempt DIY wedding dress alterations, it’s important to consider your sewing skills and the complexity of the alterations required. Wedding dresses often have complicated designs and delicate fabrics, which may be challenging to work with without professional expertise. 

What are the pros and cons of DIY wedding dress alterations?

The pros of DIY alterations include potential cost savings and the satisfaction of personal involvement. However, the cons include the risk of damaging the dress due to lack of experience, potential fitting issues or inconsistent results, and the time and effort required to acquire the necessary skills. DIY alterations are best suited for simple adjustments or temporary fixes that do not compromise the dress’s structure or design.

When should I consider professional alterations over DIY?

Professional alterations should be considered when the alterations required are complex, involve detailed work, or require significant size modifications. If the dress has valuable sentimental or monetary worth, or if you want to ensure the highest quality and precise fit, professional expertise is essential. Professional alterations also provide peace of mind, as experienced seamstresses have the skills and knowledge to handle delicate fabrics and intricate designs with care.

To make the bridal alterations process easier, we provide a FREE consultation with our wedding dress tailor.

Our free consultation takes 15-20 minutes and we will have the chance to see the dress on you and provide you with an estimate. If you require pinning of the apparel, there is an additional fee that is waived if you decide to proceed with us.

Our goal is to achieve the perfect result and our dress tailor will help you decide which adjustments will work best without compromising the style of your dress. All the Gowns are constructed differently, and some styles and materials are just naturally easier to alter than others.

There are also many parts on the dress, so altering one may affect another part and that is why it is hard to give you an estimated price, only by looking at the photos.

From our experience working with bridal stores, our prices are on average 20-40% lower, as we do all the bridal alterations in our shop in Toronto, without outsourcing the projects.

Find the starting Prices for ALL the bridal alteration services we provide to our clients in Toronto, on our website, or book a free consultation so we can see the dress on you and provide you with the final price.

✓ Bridal ConsultationFREE
✓ Bodice Bust$20- $150
✓ Bodice Darts$40- $80
✓ Bodice Sides$65- $150
✓ Bodice Zipper$80- $150
✓ Bustle Dress$30- $130
✓ Shoulders Alterations$25- $125
✓ Hem & Shortening$150- $450
✓ Skirts Seams$65- $150
✓ Sleeves Alterations$25- $180


Does second-hand or sample dress alteration cost less?

When it comes to altering second-hand or sample dresses, the cost of alterations is not determined by the cost of the dress itself. Instead, the cost of alterations depends on the complexity of the modifications needed. Factors such as the type of fabric, the design, and the specific alterations required will influence the overall cost.

For brides who ordered their wedding dress online and received it a little later, we provide Rush Fittings & Alteration, depending on the dress and the time we have available.

First, we need to see the wedding gown on you and find all the alterations that should be done. If the alteration is possible, then the alterations may be subject to a rush fee, but we need the bride to be extremely flexible with availability for fittings.

The best-selling wedding dress silhouettes we had the chance to alter, both for traditional and micro weddings, are:

  • Ball gown wedding dress
  • Mermaid dress
  • Trumpet dress
  • Sheath dress
  • A-line dress
  • Tea-length dress
  • Fit-and-flare dress
  • Column dress
  • Boho dress
  • Vintage dress
  • Maternity Wedding Dresses

As for the fabrics, we had the chance to work with:

  • Stretch Silk Satin
  • Grace Satin
  • Hail Spot Tulle
  • Charmeuse
  • Silk Chiffon
  • Organza
  • Tulle
  • Lace
  • Stretch Crepe
  • Pure Silk Crepe
  • Silk Georgette
  • Silk Satin Back Crepe
  • Silk Faille
  • Velvet
  • Silk Mikado
  • Silk Duchess Satin
  • Silk Zibeline
  • Neo-preen Scuba Fabrics
  • and more

Altering Second-Hand or Sample Wedding Dresses

When altering pre-owned or sample wedding dresses, it’s important to carefully assess their condition and any previous alterations. Our experienced tailor will evaluate the dress’s fabric, structure, and any existing alterations to determine the best approach for modifications while considering its previous use.

Alterations to Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Alternatives

If you’re not a fan of traditional wedding dresses, there are plenty of stylish alternatives to consider. You can opt for chic jumpsuits, elegant pantsuits, or even a tailored suit for a sophisticated and modern bridal look. Other options include separates like a top and skirt combination or a trendy romper. The key is to choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, confident and reflects your personal style on your special day.

NLefashion: Wedding Dress Alteration Experience & Expertise You Can Trust!

With decades of experience, NLefashion is your go-to local tailor shop for expert wedding dress alterations. Our team of skilled professionals has successfully transformed numerous bridal gowns, combining technical expertise with creative vision. Check out our reviews and trust us with making your dream wedding dress fit flawlessly for your special day.

Toronto Wedding Dress Alterations
Nadia gave me the best advice and custom tailoring fit for my wedding dress according to my body type and size to make my dress perfect for me on my special day. I am very grateful and happy to find her and use her services in the future. Thank you.
Google Reviews
Anna H.
I absolutely LOVE how my wedding dress alterations turned out! Nadia is so friendly and professional. She completed the alterations much faster than I thought she would, and the cost was very reasonable. So happy I went to her for my alterations, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Google Reviews
Laura A.
If you are in need of someone to make you feel confident in what I would consider significant alterations/ design changes, I would look no further than NLefashion. I found Nadia based on Google reviews and for me she exceeded every incredible word written. My wedding dress was purchased in a size 10 and she managed to take it down to a 4-6 without loosing any design features from the original size. The entire bodice of the dress was basically reconstructed, and from each visit after my confidence grew. I have since then had jackets repaired/altered and a veil custom made. She does incredible work and I would recommend her highly to anyone who values expertise skill, superlative craftsmanship and professionalism.
Google Reviews
Nadia was amazing! She fixed my wedding dress to fit my body like a glove! I was so impressed I had her adjust my reception dress as well! She was quick and detailed! I will definitely be back for simple to major alterations! Thank you Nadia!!!
Google Reviews
Found Nadia on Google. Needed my wife's wedding dresses altered. It was, in my eyes, an impossible task… So many flowers and lace designs on it. She smashed it out of the park… Her alterations were absolutely perfect and my wife is extremely happy, so I am extremely happy. Very competitive pricing, polite, nice, experienced (she pointed out a couple of things we had no idea we were looking at), fast, professional, and flawless. Her space is cute, clean, and comfortable. Honestly… What else could you ask for? Need an alteration? Do not hesitate to contact Nadia. She is the one!
Google Reviews
I had to let out the waist and hip of my mermaid wedding gown. My dress had lace and patterns made with small pearl beads all over from the top to the middle of the thigh. She had to detach a lot of those around the seam area and re-install and also had to extended the beads pattern as letting out the seam. She made it flawlessly to get along with the original pattern. The adjusted size fits me just perfectly along my body while it’s comfortable enough to move in the gown. I liked that she spent enough time to look at details on my gown and discussed with me to suggest the best way.
Google Reviews
Leslie C.
I came to NLefashion as a very stressed bride-to-be as my dress required the bodice to be reworked and lace removed and replaced so that it would close. Luckily, she and her team are amazing and were able to reconstruct the bodice of my dress to make it fit better than I could ever have imagined. She was patient, efficient and had a solution for anything that came up. I'm beyond grateful for all of the hard work that went into my dress and all of the others that she was working on at the time. I would definitely recommend NLefashion to anyone.
Google Reviews
Sarah G.
I came in to alter my wedding dress, it was a couple sizes too big. It took us a few tries, but the end result was amazing, it fits like a glove and I'm completely in love with it! Nadia and the team were very professional, they listened to what I've had in mind and worked with my timeline. I was very nervous about alterations, but it ended up being the best experience!
Google Reviews
Valeriia I.
Nadia was so wonderful to work with! She helped me with a dress I needed altered and was an absolute pleasure! Very talented with a lot of experience, and it’s apparent. Her prices were very reasonable and fair. 100% recommend for anyone needing custom or altered services.
Google Reviews
Danielle G.
Nadia is amazing. Professional, highly skilled, pleasant, warm and friendly, responsive, upbeat and just an all-around pleasure to deal with. Don't waste your time elsewhere.
Google Reviews
Sandra M.
Nadia did a wonderful job altering a bridal skirt for me, she is very detailed, thorough and great value for quality work. It came out even better than expected! Will definitely go back.
Google Reviews
Marrianne B.
I brought my wedding dress to be altered here. Nadia is a very sweet and personable woman who listened to my wishes and concerns. She is very skilled and knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable leaving my dress with her. Due to COVID, I had to cancel my wedding, so I don’t have pictures as of yet, but will post once our wedding finally happens!
Google Reviews
Keaton M.
When I came to Nadia, I had small hopes on the dress to be fixed. It was delivered to me with wrong cup size that was massive and angular. The dress has a very unique lace design too so that would require a lot of work to fix. I wouldn’t lie if I’d say I cried when I received the dress originally. Nadia and her helpers are wizards, I swear! Not only they managed to make it perfect, fix all the issues with the dress but they made great suggestion on how to improve the dress too. All that also in fairly strict timeline. I’m fully ready for my wedding now and I cannot be thankful enough to them!
Google Reviews
I cannot say enough amazing things about Nadia and her work! My wedding gown was beautiful to start, but after Nadia made it fit perfectly to my body and created bustles that were just incredible I could not be more in love with my wedding gown! She is so incredibly kind and talented! I highly recommend her to all upcoming brides. It can be very nerve wrecking to hand over your wedding gown to anyone – but with Nadia you can trust that she will do a wonderful job at keeping to the original design and enhancing it to look perfect on your body! I will be coming back for any other alteration needs. Thank you so much Nadia 🙂
Google Reviews
Michelle B.
Nadia is a true artist of fashion design. We had an emergency situation with four gowns that needed to be redesigned and tailored two weeks before a wedding! Nadia designed the perfect alterations for the dresses in order to fit our style, and then tailored them in record time, in time for the wedding. The girls were delighted with the final product, and they all looked absolutely gorgeous in their newly altered and fitted gowns; no one would even suspect that each gown had undergone major surgery to make it usable! It must be emphasized that Nadia is not just a seamstress – she is a talented designer with a deep and imaginative sense of style.
Google Reviews
Lev M.
Nadia is very detailed orientated and professional which are qualities of a great designer and seamstress. I am so happy I found her! I had my wedding dress (10 layers) altered and bustled. The work was flawless! She appreciated the authenticity of the fabric she worked with and wanted to ensure the alterations did not affect or impact the original style. Highly recommend!
Google Reviews
Melissa C.
Very professional , Nadia is amazing , she altered my engagement and my wedding dresses .. excellent quality and very quick. thank you Nadia, my wedding dress was stunning.
Google Reviews
Arij A.
Nadia saved my wedding day! They are quick and did a great job! I only had a few days until my wedding day and Nadia finished it just in time and did a flawless job. I'm really happy and satisfied with my wedding dress alteration. I highly recommended her services and will definitely go again.
Google Reviews
Maria K.
I brought my wedding dress to Nadia and she was phenomenal. My dress had been altered at another bridal store, and they pretty much told me I couldn't do what I wanted to the dress. I came home, ready to accept that this was what my wedding dress would look like. My sister told me not to settle, and to go to her seamstress - Nadia. She fixed my sister's MOH dress! Right away, Nadia could tell the dress did not fit me properly! She not only made it fit to perfection, she added a stunning slit into my dress (something my former bridal shop told me I couldn't have). I was close to tears with happiness! I 100% recommend her - true talent and professional!
Google Reviews
Would highly recommend her services she made my wedding gown perfect! My gown required many alterations and I emailed dozens of tailors. They all told me that what I wanted wasn’t possible to do, except Nadia! She was able to pull of every alterations that I asked for and more. Don’t bother reaching out to anyone else she is the best!
Google Reviews
Joanna M.
Nadia did a wonderful job to hem my wedding dress to just the right length. Could not have asked for more
Google Reviews
Mi S.

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