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Add Bustles To Your Wedding Dress

Bustle is the process of shortening your train by attaching it to the back of your dress so you can move, dance, mingle among your guests, and walk post-ceremony easily. Usually, wedding dresses don’t come with built-in bustles, as every bride’s height, silhouette, personal style and preference are different.

The most common types of bustles

  • American Bustle has several hooks scattered throughout the waistline of the dress and it is good for ball gowns.
  • French Bustle is the reverse of the American bustle and the hooks pick up the train of the gown under the silhouette itself. It is a really popular technique for A-Line and Mermaid Dresses.
  • Other Bustle Types: Ballroom Bustle, Train-Flip Bustle, Bow Bustle, Royal Bustle, Victorian Bustle

Can I bustle my own wedding dress?

Bustle should be customized to your perfect hem length and that is why it might be a little challenging to do it by yourself. Unless you have someone that is confident to help you, it is always better to have a professional wedding dress alterations tailor to add a bustle to your dress.

How much does it cost to bustle a wedding dress?

Wrist Loops for Train$30
Up to 4 Attachments$70
5-10 Attachments$95
11 or more Attachments$130