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Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress

China has its own wedding attire which is special and unique. Traditional wedding dresses have strong Chinese characteristics and elements such as Dragon and Phoenix. Usually, traditional Wedding Dresses have astonishing red and golden colours, bringing this way happiness and good luck in Chinese culture.

chinese wedding dress Alterations Long Feng Guo

Longfenggua (龙凤褂) Alteration Process

Longfenggua is one of the most popular designs among Chinese couples these days and we are glad that had the chance to work with one of these dresses.

The original dress was a few sizes bigger, so we had to make some major bridal dress alterations, such as deconstruct every part of the wedding dress, reduce the size of each skirt panel and then sew everything back.

When we finished, the dress had an excellent fit and the bride was very delighted.

Chinese Bridal Dress Alteration

Melysa C.

...very detailed oriented and professional which are qualities of a great designer. I am so happy I found her! I had my wedding dress (10 layers) altered and bustled, and a Chinese traditional wedding dress altered (2 sizes too big). The work was flawless! She appreciated the authenticity of the fabric she worked with and wanted to ensure the alterations did not affect or impact the original style. Highly recommend!