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Achieving the perfect fit of your bridesmaid dress requires expert tailoring skills and attention to detail.

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Being a Bridesmaid is something that makes you honored, excited, and grateful. However, if the dress is not custom-made, the bridesmaid dress alterations are necessary to achieve a perfect fit.

It is really rare for someone to find a gown that matches one size exactly, and most of the bridesmaids’ & wedding guests’ dresses need alterations. Usually, the dresses have the same bust, waist, and hip measurements, which means alterations are necessary to make it fit perfectly. 

In order to provide you with high-quality bridesmaid dress alterations result in Toronto, we need to see the dress, as there are many details that we can see only when the gown is on you. 

Our primary goal is to ensure that your dress fits flawlessly and our skilled and experienced in-house tailors pay close attention to the unique body shapes and proportions of each client. By doing so, we guarantee that your dress will not only fit flawlessly but also enhance your overall appearance and boost your confidence.

As for the price, the Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride, and Guest Dresses are not as complicated as the wedding dress alterations, so the alterations are much more affordable.

Everything You Need to Know about your Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

As a general rule, it usually takes 2-4 weeks to alter a bridesmaid dress. For more complicated projects we might need more time, so you should aim to have your alteration appointment at least six weeks before.

1-2 fittings are enough to achieve the desired fit of your bridesmaid dress, but of course, this depends on the dress. The number of fittings depends on the dress and whether you require basic tweaks or major remodeling & restyling.

1-2 fittings are enough to achieve the desired fit of your bridesmaid dress, but of course, this depends on the dress. The number of fittings depends on the dress and whether you require basic tweaks or major remodeling & restyling.

When you come to your initial fitting appointment, the shoes are essential in properly marking the hem. You should also bring anything else that might impact the fit of your dress.

You can also check this article and learn Everything Your Bridal Party Needs to Know about bridesmaid dress alterations.

To make the bridesmaid dress alterations process easier, we provide a FREE consultation with our tailor in Etobicoke. We accept by appointment only, and you are more than welcome to book an appointment online prior to visiting our Tailor Shop.

Our free consultation takes 15-20 minutes and we will have the chance to see the apparel on you and provide you with an estimate. If you require pinning of the apparel, there is an additional fee that is waived if you decide to proceed with us.

Find the starting Prices of all our bridesmaid alteration services we provide to our clients in Toronto, or book a free consultation so we can see the dress on you and provide you with the estimate price.

✓ ConsultationFREE
✓ Hem & Shortening$40- $160
✓ Shoulders Alterations$20- $76
✓ Bodice Darts$20- $40
✓ Sleeves Alterations$25- $70
✓ Waist Alterations$18- $60
✓ Bodice Sides$30- $120
✓ Bodice Zipper$34- $50

We do offer Rush Fittings & Alteration, but we need the bridesmaid to be extremely flexible with availability for fittings. Rush orders may be subjected to a rush fee.

How much does it cost to get a bridesmaid dress altered?

Bridesmaid dress alterations in Toronto typically cost between $125 and $275+ and the price can vary depending on the complexity of the alterations. Simple alterations like hemming or adjusting straps are on the lower end, while significant modifications or customizations can be more expensive.

Below you can find the average prices for all the bridesmaid dress alterations services we provide.

Bridesmaid Dress Alterations Cost Price List
Close Vents in Skirt $30
Shorten Lining $30
Chiffon/Sheer Fabric (each Layer) $50
Plain (Shorten/Lengthen) $50
Reattach the Original Hem on Skirt $55
By Hand or Bias (Shorten/Lengthen) $65
Velvet by Hand (Shorten/Lengthen) $65
Horse Hair (each layer) $75
Sequin (hand or machine) $75
Close Vents in Skirts$35
Shorten Lining$45
Shorten One Layer (Cut Only)$60
Encore full, A-line hem (Shorten/Lengthen)$80
Horse Hair (each layer)$80
Spaghetti Straps- Shorten$30
Shorten Wide Straps$35
Raise Shoulders (Sleeveless) with Details$55
Narrow Shoulders Plain (Reset Sleeve)$75
Raise Shoulders (Adjust Sleeve & Neckline)$95
Add or Take In Darts$25
Center Seam w/o Zipper- In/Out$40
Sides Plain w/o pockets w/o thru armhole- In/Out$45
Bodice Seams (includes princess seams)$45
Sides with Waist Seam (Dress)- In/Out$55
Center Seam with Zipper- In/Out$55
Sides w/o Pockets- In/Out$60
Add Boning$60
Zipper with Shirring, Gathers or Pleats$70
Sides Seam Thru Armholes- In/Out$70
Sides with Boning$75
Sides with Zipper- In/Out$75
Sides Partial Beaded- In/Out$105
Sleeves Taper $35
Plain (Shorten/Lengthen) $45
Vented (Shorten/Lengthen) $55
Move Plackets (Shorten/Lengthen) $60
Shorten From the Top (Reset Sleeves) $65
Elastic- Replace$25
Split Seam- In/Out$30
Darts at Waist or Waistband$35
Waist Add Fabric- Out$35
Waistband Cut & Create Center Seam$45
Thru Sides w/o Waistband- In/Out$45
Lower Half Waist$55
Remove Waistband- In/Out$60
Lower Full Waist$75
Add Padding/Bra Cups/Bra$30
Lingerie Straps$30
Bra Cups$30
Bustle for Train (1-3 Loops)$40
Re-Attach Piping $45
Replace Zipper$45
Reline Skirt$55
Reversible Hem $75
Double Faced Fabric$145

***Please note:
These are the starting prices and the total price will depend on how much work needs to be done and the complexity of the bridesmaid dress. 
2) For dresses, such as gowns for brides, that have special fabrics or adornments such as beads, lace, tulle, or crystals there is an additional charge as the gown may require more extensive tailoring.

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With decades of experience, NLefashion is your go-to local tailor shop for expert bridesmaid dress alterations. Our team of skilled professionals has successfully transformed numerous dresses, combining technical expertise with creative vision. Check out our reviews and trust us with making your bridesmaid dress fit flawlessly.

Toronto Bridesmaid Dress Alterations
Nadia is Amazing. I’ve been to so many weddings in the past year and been a bridesmaid in multiple. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about Nadia at the time. She fitted my bridesmaid dress for a wedding I’m in next week and let me tell you. It fits amazingly. Like a glove. So comfortable and supportive. This was a dress that the bride had us order ONLINE. And let’s be real, it’s a bridesmaid dress, they’re not amazing quality. I feel so relieved now because I am heavy-chested and my body is not easy to fit but Nadia worked a miracle. Literally a fairy godmother. She deserves all the credit in these reviews and more. Plus, she’s super sweet, kind, and accommodating. I came to her very last minute and she was just so amazing.
Google Reviews
Keira H
I have had a lot of pieces altered, but NEVER have I worked with such a lovely and detail-oriented Tailor. Not only is she a joy to be around, but she is super fast/efficient and made my bridesmaid’s dress fit like a glove. She also custom placed lace on it seamlessly using her creativity and expert skill. Cannot recommend Nadia enough. I have found my new go-to designer!
Google Reviews
Michelle C.
Nadia gave me the best advice and custom tailoring fit for my dress according to my body type and size to make my dress perfect for me on my special day. I am very grateful and happy to find her and use her services in the future. Thank you, Nadia.
Google Reviews
Anna H.
Nadia was so wonderful to work with! She helped me with a Bridesmaid dress I needed to be altered and was an absolute pleasure! Very talented with a lot of experience, and it’s apparent. Her prices were very reasonable and fair. 100% recommended for anyone needing custom or altered services.
Google Reviews
My experience at NLefashion Fashion was excellent! They were very professional and were able to make flawless alterations to my bridesmaid dress. Very great full for the amazing work!
Google Reviews
Siobhan K.
Nadia did a fantastic job tailoring my bridesmaid dress! It was so big on me before and now it fits like a glove and accentuates my curves perfectly. I highly recommend her services!
Google Reviews
Cynthia A.
Very professional and quick. She altered a bridesmaid’s dress for me and it fits perfectly. Reasonable prices, very friendly and personable.
Google Reviews
Jillian Elizabeth C.
I had beautiful alterations done on a bridesmaid dress. Great attention to detail and perfect seams. I highly recommend NLefashion.
Google Reviews
Caroline G.
Had such a wonderful experience with Nlefashion! I needed to get my maid of honour dress hemmed last minute! The owner was amazing and helped me in a pinch and did an AMAZING job!! I would recommend this place to go!
Google Reviews
Taylor F.
Nadia is patient, skilled, meticulous and works efficiently. She made a complicated alteration job seem simple and my dress fits like a dream. I would recommend her services to anyone.
Google Reviews
Emma G.
Cannot recommend enough! Nadia made my dress fit me perfectly without compromising the original design of the dress. Plus, she is so kind and truly wants everyone to feel beautiful.
Google Reviews
Melanie E.
Procrastinated getting my bridesmaid dress fitted for my brother's wedding and so Nadia only had a week to do it. She did an incredible job, super clean and fits like a glove. Definitely coming back and would 100% recommend it!
Google Reviews
Jasmine S.
Fantastic work!! I’ve gotten a silk bridesmaid dress hemmed and the arm holes adjusted and it was flawless. I also had a wedding guest dress hemmed which had a slit in the front and again it was perfect. They are very efficient and get the alterations done so quickly!!
Google Reviews
Shannon F.
Nadia worked on a bridesmaid dress for me back in May. I was so happy with how it looked, it fit like a glove! I decided to give her a try because her reviews were so positive, and they were right. Now she is my go-to for formal dressware!
Google Reviews
Nikki P.

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