White Bridal Corset

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Wedding Corset to achieve a perfect posture, smooth silhouette, and look your best on your special day.

• White Bridal Bustiers
• Sizes: 2XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL & 4XL
• Free Local Pick up in Toronto

Bridal Corset Specifications

Materials: Plastic Bones and Polyester-Spandex Fabric

Processing Time: 1-3 Days

Payment Options: You can Shop Online from our Shop on ETSY, or pay with Transfer and Cash from our Store.

Delivery: Free local pickup (the next business day after you place the order) or Shipping in Canada & the US.

» 2XS: Bust 32”- 34”, Waist 25”- 27 ½”, Hips 34”- 36”

» XS: Bust 34”- 36”, Waist 27”- 29”, Hips 36”- 38″

» S: Bust: 36”- 38”, Waist 29 ½”- 31 ½”, Hips 38”- 40”

» M: Bust: 38”- 40”, Waist 31 ½”- 33 ½”, Hips 40”- 42”

» L: Bust: 40”- 42”, Waist 33 ½”- 35 ½”, Hips 42”- 44”

» XL: Bust: 42”- 44”, Waist 35 ½”- 37 ½”, Hips 44”- 45 ½”

» 2XL: Bust: 44″- 45 ½”, Waist: 37 ½”- 39 ½”, Hips: 45 ½”- 47 ½”

» 3XL: Bust: 45 ½”- 47 ½”, Waist: 39 ½” – 41″, Hips: 47 ½”- 50″

» 4XL: Bust: 47 ½”- 50″, Waist: 41″ – 43″, Hips: 50″- 52″

Originally, the corsets are designed to give you the desired shape without the need to add anything else, and they fit perfectly without the cups for most of our customers.

Of course, it always depends on the shape of your body, and on some occasions, we had to add cups in order to achieve the desired comfort. If you are not in Toronto, the safest way to proceed is to get a corset and a pair of bra cups. When you receive both items, you can try the corset with or without the cups and decide how it works best for you.

Alternatively, if you have enough time, you can try the wedding corset first and if you feel that you need something more to make it perfect you can always get the cups later.

Finally, in order to have the best possible result, you also have to get the right measurements and you can find the product dimensions in the description.

NLefashion is a Canadian-based Fashion Studio and we specialize in working with wedding dresses in Toronto. We use only high-grade wedding corsets, premium wedding accessories, and high-end Tailoring when altering or creating custom gowns.

If you have questions about our wedding bustiers, please let us know.
We offer a free consultation to our clients from Toronto (Etobicoke, North York), Vaughan, Mississauga, and other GTA regions.

At NLefashion, we provide exceptional customer service we’d want to experience ourselves.
Get in Touch and let’s talk about your white wedding corset.

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Wedding Bustiers Reviews

Great product and even better service!
Rachel N. (verified owner)
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