Bridal Hair Combs


Check out our bridal hair comb selection and find the perfect wedding combs for your special day.

• Handmade Hair Combs
• Decorated with Rhinestones & Pearls
• Free Local Pick up in Toronto

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Delivery: Free Local pickup in Toronto or $15 in Canada/US
Shipping Time: 5-10 Business Days


Why choose us for your Bridal Hair Combs?

Nadia Lef is a Canadian-based Fashion Studio and we specialize in making or altering Wedding Dresses in Toronto.

All the accessories we carry, including these wedding hair combs, are actually pieces that we have worked on in the past and helped us to achieve the perfect result.

If you have questions about our products, please let us know.
At Nadia Lef, we provide exceptional customer service we’d want to experience ourselves.



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