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You’ve spent hours, days and perhaps even weeks to find the perfect dress. It is the colour and the style you were looking for, and the price you can afford. The only problem is that it is not fit perfectly so you will have 2 choices, to order a custom-made dress or you’ll have to hem your dress skirt or make some dress adjustments.

We are experienced working with all the kind of women’s clothing and provide alterations, remodelling & hemming on:

  • Prom & Graduation Dresses 
  • Evening & Formal Dresses 
  • Skirts & Tops
  • Coats, Jackets & Blazers
  • Formal & Casual Pants

Evening, Prom & Cocktail Dress Skirt Hemming

No matter how perfect the dress you’ve fallen in love with seems, evening & prom dress adjustments are almost a given. Whether your gown needs just simple dress hemming, a bustle added, or a whole remodelling. We are here and we will make sure it’s perfectly fitted, super comfortable, and party-ready. 

The ready-made evening dresses come in standard sizes and you will need straps or skirt hem. These 2 parts have extra length to accommodate a variety of height and shapes.

Even when the gown seems to fit close, there’s always a few things that you might need to fix in order to have a prom dress with a perfect fit.

Your dress hem should grazing the floor and give you the freedom to walk, dance, and mingle with other students without worrying.

Nadia Lef is here to make sure your dress is super comfortable and fits perfectly.

Our store is located at 5146 Dundas Street West Etobicoke and we provide our clients with the highest quality evening dress alterations services.

A lot will depend on the time of year, the complexity of the dress and your requirements. During the summer season (May-August) it may take 3-6 weeks. On the other hand, during fall or winter, it can take anywhere from 5 days to a week.

For prom dresses, during the prom Season (May-June) it may take 1-3 weeks. If you start earlier, it will take anywhere from 2 to 7 days.

It is always good to have some extra time, so we can have a least 1 extra fitting in case something needs to be fixed.

Your dress shouldn’t be a source of stress, so you don’t have to wait until the last minute to take it to the tailor. This will help our alterations specialist to offer you the best fit, result and of course, experience.

If you have ordered or received your evening or prom dress a little later, we do offer Rush Fittings & Alteration.

Rush orders may be subjected to a rush fee.

When you come to your initial fitting appointment, there are several things you should bring with you. First of all, the shoes are essential in properly marking the hem.

Undergarments (bra, cups, etc.) can also greatly impact the fit of your gown and help you have a better idea of how everything looks together.

Some common evening & prom dress services we provide include shortening the hem, taking in/out on the hips and waist, removing sleeves, train loop, and button and shortening straps, taking in around the chest, adding a waist stay, and altering the neckline and back.

In addition to the common bridal alterations, we can also take over projects that require a particular level of tailoring skills and level of expertise to restyle or remodel completely a wedding dress.

  • Hemming Dress Skirt: Dresses come in different lengths and styles, so we need to hem them to achieve an ideal length.
  • Taking in/out on the hips and waist: Sides are taken in when the gown needs to be adjusted to fit your body shape. Picking a little bit bigger dress is much easier and less expensive to take it in. 
  • Shortening the Gown Straps: Usually, the straps are slightly longer, so they can fit more figures. In order to make it comfortable, we recommend adjusting the straps to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Taking in around the chest: so that the neckline won’t make a gutter when you look down.
  • Adding a waist: to stay inside your gown and fits snug on your waist.
  • Open or close the neckline: is a common dress remodeling that can make a big impact.
  • Restyling the back: can make the difference. It requires a fashion designing experience and eye to remodel the back. This is a bit more expensive service.
  • Altering the closure: is another service that we can provide you.
  • Adding sleeves or doing other special dress adjustments: will transform your gown to achieve the perfect fit and suit your individual preferences!

You can find the starting Prices for ALL the Women’s Clothing & Evening dress alteration services below.

We will do our best in order to finish it on time. Of course, it depends on the design and the alterations we need to do. Rush orders may be subjected to a rush fee.

To make the alterations process easier, we provide a FREE consultation with our dress tailor, to our clients in Toronto (Etobicoke, North York), Vaughan, Woodbridge, Mississauga and other GTA regions.

Evening Clothing & Dress Alteration Price List

Below you can find all the dress adjustment services we provide whether you have a gown that you want to restyle, remodel or alter. Simply choose the part you want to adjust and find the detailed pricing. 

Close Vents in Skirt$20
Shorten Lining$20
Chiffon/Sheer Fabric (each Layer)$38
Plain (Shorten/Lengthen)$40
Reattach Original Hem on Skirt$45
By Hand or Bias (Shorten/Lengthen)$50
Velvet by Hand (Shorten/Lengthen)$50
Horse Hair (each layer)$58
Sequin (hand or machine)$60
Knit Hem Hand Crochet (Shorten/Lengthen)$70


Close Vents in Skirts$25
Shorten Lining$30
Shorten One Layer (Cut Only)$46
Encore full, A-line hem (Shorten/Lengthen)$65
Horse Hair (each layer)$68
Knit Hem Hand Crochet (Shorten/Lengthen)$90
Sequin (hand or machine)$118
Formal 3+ Layers/Horse hair/Crinoline$160
Close Vents in Skirts$30
Shorten Lining$35
Formal 3+ Layers/Crinoline/Horse hair$220
Shorten Lining$10
Close Vents in Skirts$18
Reshape Regular Fabric 1-2 Panels$56
Reshape Chiffon/Shear 1-2 Panels $65
Reshape 5-11 Panels$134
Spaghetti Straps- Shorten$20
Shorten Wide Straps$24
Raise Shoulders (Sleeveless) with Details$42
Narrow Shoulders Plain (Reset Sleeve)$57
Raise Shoulders (Adjust Sleeve & Neckline)$76
Add or Take In Darts$16
Center Seam w/o Zipper- In/Out$27
Sides Plain w/o pockets w/o thru armhole- In/Out$30
Bodice Seams (includes princess seams)$34
Sides with Waist Seam (Dress)- In/Out$36
Center Seam with Zipper- In/Out$37
Sides w/o Pockets- In/Out$42
Add Boning $47
Zipper with Shirring, Gathers or Pleats $51
Sides Seam Thru Armholes- In/Out$54
Sides with Boning$60
Sides with Zipper- In/Out$62
Sides Reset Beaded- In/Out$80
Sides Partial Beaded- In/Out$86
Replace/Reset Beaded Center Seam with Zipper$114
Sides Full Beaded- In/Out$120
Sleeves Taper$25
Plain (Shorten/Lengthen)$30
Vented (Shorten/Lengthen)$40
Move Plackets (Shorten/Lengthen)$45
Shorten From Top (Reset Sleeves)$50
Beaded Replace (Up to 3 rows of beads)- Shorten$70
Elastic- Replace$18
Split Seam- In/Out$20
Darts at Waist or Waistband$26
Waist Add Fabric- Out$28
Waistband Cut & Create Center Seam$30
Thru Sides w/o Waistband- In/Out$32
Lower Half Waist$40
Remove Waistband- In/Out$46
Lower Full Waist$60
Add Padding/Bra Cups/Bra$20
Lingerie Straps$20
Bra Cups$20
Bustle for Train (1-3 Loops)$30
Re-Attach Piping $34
Replace Zipper$34
Reline Skirt$49
Reversible Hem $64
Double Faced Fabric$107

***Please note:
These are the starting prices and the total price will depend on how much work needs to be done and the complexity of the Prom, Evening or Formal dress. 
2) For dresses, such as gown for weddings, that have special fabrics or adornments such as beads, lace, tulle or crystals there are additional charge as the gown may require more extensive tailoring.

Are you ready to Restyle, Remodel or Hem your Dress?

Do not hesitate to contact us whether you have any questions about our alteration services, whether you want to alter your Prom, Formal or Evening Gown. You can also learn more about our suit repair services.

If you are still not sure, you can check our reviews below and see what our customers saying about our dress repair services quality, pricing and the final result.

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You can book a FREE in-person consultation. This way, we can better advise you and make sure the final result fits you perfectly. 

Our Review


Nadia is absolutely the best! She is indeed an apparel magician, she will make things look bomb on you and is a true professional. Very convenient and fast service, she will definitely make you happy!
Google Reviews
Maureen L.
Nadia is very professional and provided me with excellent service from beginning to end. Amazing work, I'll recommend you to everyone I know! My clothing was altered within a week! Bonus points for being walking distance from my place
Google Reviews
Sara A.
Nadia is amazing. Professional, highly skilled, pleasant, warm and friendly, responsive, upbeat and just an all-around pleasure to deal with. Don't waste your time elsewhere.
Google Reviews
Sandra M.
The dress turned out beautiful and exactly how I wanted it to be. I will definitely be coming back for anything I need to be made or altered!
Google Reviews
Does an absolutely amazing job and is beyond friendly. Wouldn't go anywhere else
Google Reviews
Maddy G.
Was so great fixing my daughter's prom dress with such short notice. A true professional
Google Reviews
Kimberly W.
I found Nadia via a google search as I live in Etobicoke. I bought an outfit and wanted the top part (an attached blouse) completely taken off and a new top designed. It was a very expensive dress and I was naturally very worried to let someone recreate it. A big ask! Nadia took time & patience and created this beautiful lined off-the-shoulder top which has a body to it and is completely lined and fits superbly. She took the skirt up and created a waistband too….immaculate work. I had three appointments and am pleased to say I am delighted with her professionalism and perfection ….she certainly knows what she is doing and I intend to take other work to her. I am just thrilled with the end result. She understood my needs straight away and nothing was too much trouble for her ….she’s a great listener. A rare quality. Her prices are super reasonable and she is such a lovely person to work with. I am more than happy to recommend her for your special outfit. I have total confidence in her skills and work. Thank you, Nadia. You are a wonder. Looking forward to working with you again. The last picture is the original dress…I just thought the blouse was too informal for what I wanted. This was a big ask! Again …..well done Nadia.
Google Reviews
Annette T.
Really Love! her, she amazing at what she does and provide excellent service, I had a torn duffle bag and some jeans that needed fixing and I managed to catch her at the last minute when she was planning to head put on a Saturday evening but dint hesitate to help me out and have them ready by the next day and everything turned out great, so if you need some altaration done look no further
Google Reviews
Sri R.
I had bought a formal dress that needed to be hemmed and needed it fast! I was unsure about asking Nadia to do this for me with such short notice. However, she was more than willing to do so! I cannot express how grateful I am to her for doing this for me. She is extremely talented at what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get their clothes tailored. Will be coming back with any future needs.
Google Reviews
Elena R.
Super happy about how my long formal dress turned out. I needed to get a dress ordered online altered and Nadia knew exactly what to do with it. She even transformed the back of the dress into a more flattering mermaid style dress which was probably difficult given the entire outer layer is lace. The dress looks great and I’ll definitely be going back.
Google Reviews
Michelle L.

Questions from our Clients

I have several dresses that need to be hemmed. I am hoping to get your professional opinion on if it’s actually possible/will look good.

Dress Hemming is our specialty and all the dresses will look great, so you don’t have to worry about that.


I am looking for a tailor to make a few adjustments on a dress that I am wearing to a formal event that I will be attending. Can you help me?


Of course, you can book a free consultation online and choose the day and time that works best for you. Our store is located in Etobicoke and the consultation session is free of charge.


I have a gala next Thursday evening but my dress won’t arrive until Monday evening. Is there any way to do a 24-hour alteration?

We will do our best in order to finish it on time. Of course, it depends on the design and the alterations we need to do.


I’m looking to have my prom dress hemmed to a shorter length and taken in on the bottom for a better fitting silhouette shape. It’s a simple tight-fitting dress with one layer of fabric. How long would you need to complete the alterations?

In order to provide you with an accurate timeline, we need to see the prom dress on you. On average, it gonna take 1-2 weeks to complete it.


I am attending a gala and have to adjust my dress. I need to take it in so it is fitted more. Could you let me know the price range based on the photos I sent you?

In order to provide you with a price, we have to see the dress on you and see exactly the alterations that should be done. There are many details, such as body shape and fabric, that unfortunately, we can’t see by the photos. As for prices and quality in general, you can check our previous reviews.