Custom Dresses Toronto

The luxury of having your Bespoke Evening Gown or a Tailored Bridesmaid Dress. At Nadia Lef- Dressmaking Shop in Etobicoke, our qualified Dressmaker will sketch the design and create unique Custom Dresses. 

When people hear custom dresses they immediately think expensive or unnecessary, but the reality is different. A special, custom made dress can take you many steps above other well-dressed women. It will also allow you to have the gown of your dreams, without the limitations of an off-the-rack piece. Our dressmaker is a professionally trained fashion designer that has made enough custom dresses to know what may or may not work for your gown. 


Cristina G.- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
…a real artist and a true fashion designer. I was very pleased with the design she created for me, her skill is really amazing.


Our Dressmaking Toronto service includes:

  • Evening Bespoke Gowns
  • Custom Homecoming Dresses
  • Formal Tailored Dresses
  • Made-to-measure Cocktail Gowns
  • Tailored Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Mother-of-the-bride Tailored Gowns

We also offer a FREE in-person dressmaking consultation, in order to make sure that the final result fits you perfectly. Our goal is to learn more about you, so we can better advise you on clothing that will make an impact and help define your style.

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Marina A.- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
…I needed a custom-made dress for a special event and I couldn’t find anything suitable. My consultation with Nadia wasn’t rushed, as we had enough time to discuss my idea and my budget. She sketched it and also made some fashion suggestions for a better result. The final result is a fabulous dress, with an absolutely perfect fit!


Occasions for a Custom Dresses in Toronto

Whether you need the finest Gown for a Fundraising Gala, Wedding, Opera or Luxury Restaurant, our Dressmaker will guide you through rich style choices to create custom made dress. We will draw and produce patterns and designs just for you.

Business Events: If you have to attend important work-related fundraisers, galas or other special events it is important to put something that will make the difference. Our dressmaker will work with you to determine your colour and style to express your unique personality.

Prom: Our Dressmaker in Etobicoke, Toronto can incorporate your own unique style and made a unique graduation dress just for you. Say yes to YOUR dream grad gown that is made exactly to your requirements.

Weddings: Our tailored gowns are perfect for monumental events such as weddings. Whether you are looking for bespoke cocktail dresses, formal gowns, custom bridesmaid dresses or a mother-of-bride or groom gowns, we are here to assist you.

Meetings: When you look and feel your best you can achieve the best possible outcome. Order now your custom-made dress whether you have a presentation, conference or an interview.

Toronto nightlife events: Everyone deserves a special night and Toronto is home to a number of social activities. Having a custom-made dress that is specially designed to your specifications can give you an incredible boost in confidence. A bespoke gown will make a difference.


Advantages of having a bespoke dress in Toronto or Mississauga

The main advantage of dressmaking is that you can create every detail from style to threads. You don’t have to worry that someone else wearing the same outfit with you, as our Dressmaker will design something unique. We guarantee that your gown will fit you like a glove and would be a one of a kind. We are here and ready to guide you through the process and discuss the parameters as well as the budget before we start and of course our consultation is FREE.


The downside to a customized gown is that it might take more time and effort to make than a trip to the mall would. You need to be sure that you have enough time. Dressmaking needs plenty of time to ensure that that the process goes as it should and the final result is exactly what you are looking for, a comfortable bespoke gown with a perfect fit.

By starting early, you’ll enjoy the fun and the unique experience of having a gown created just for you. So, don’t wait, give us a call and start today!

To make to process easier, you should also have some ideas in mind about what you think you want. If you like only the shape, the fabric or the colour, just take a picture and send it to us.


Custom Dresses: Simple Steps from concept to reality

Schedule a design consultation online with our 24/7 Online Scheduler. Alternatively, you can use the following contact form. We accept by appointment only.

Visit our store located at 5146 Dundas St West, Etobicoke, ON M9A 1C2
to discuss the ensemble ideas and your personal needs for a special occasion.

We will draw and produce a unique pattern and design just for you. An ensemble will be created for the next fitting. Fitting and final adjustments to make sure that you are always well-dressed.


Binh N.- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thank you so much for your great design. It was a great experience at your store. I’m really happy with the dress.


By working with our Dressmaker, women capture the essence of their individual styles, confined only by the limits of their imaginations. As always, we produce every garment by hand, guaranteeing a perfect fit and unrivalled quality.

It’s empowering to have a personal style and Nadia Lef- Dressmaking Shop focus on the uniqueness of each customer and will offer you the Custom made Dress to meet your needs and emphasize comfort, personal expression and give you the presentation that you are asking for. 


Samantha O’B.- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nadia made my custom prom dress and it could not have come out more beautiful! she is extremely professional and made exactly what I wanted- even better than what I wanted. Highly recommended!!!


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How much does a custom made dress cost?

Your Tailored Gown will be more affordable than you think and no matter what your budget, it’s really worth it to invest in Dressmaking. A gown that fits you beautifully will always look dynamite.

Our Dressmaker will help you decide which design and fabric will work best without compromising the style of your dress. Pricing varies based on how much work needs to be done and the complexity of the tailored dress. The most important thing is to wear a dress that suits your body and that you feel comfortable in and as every woman is unique and so is the design. We can only tell you the total price after we meet you, discuss your ideas and decide the fabric.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Would you be able to make a cocktail dress?

 Of course, you can visit our store located in Etobicoke, for a free consultation, so we can discuss the details.


  I am looking for someone to make me a custom evening dress. I have already purchased the fabric and I have a general idea in mind. How I can start?

You can schedule a consultation online at and choose the day and time that works best for you.


✸ I would like to order a custom prom dress

Please visit the following page, for more information about our custom grad dresses


✸ I finally found a ready-made evening dress, can you give me some more information if I want to alter it.

Please visit the following page, if you already have the dress and want to restyle, remodel or alter it. We will recommend to you how we can transform your piece.


I would like to know if your store is on the second floor and if so, is it wheelchair accessible? I will need a mother of the bride custom dress for next year.

Unfortunately, our store is not wheelchair accessible. We offer home fittings from October to February, so we can find a day and we will come to your place to discuss all the details.


How much it will cost?

I am looking to make a bespoke dress with beaded lace on net insets for a formal event. Can you tell me how much it would cost?

We will be able to provide you with the final price after we have all the information we need, such as the fabric, the design, your silhouette etc. In general, the starting price will be around $400-450.


I am looking to get 10 identical custom bridesmaids dresses made. Could you possibly provide a quote/timeline as to how long something like this would take? 

Although there are 10 custom dresses, we have to work with each girl individually and create a custom dress that will fit exactly to their silhouettes. The starting price, without including the fabric, will be around $400.



Do you need more information on your custom dresses? Do not hesitate to contact us whether you have any questions about our dressmaking services. Our customer service team is always ready to help!