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Black Friday Alterations Coupon

Black Friday Coupon

Enjoy up to 10% off on selected Clothing Alteration Services. Redeem In Store.
Valid Until December 10th

Bridal Alteration Offer

Free Bridal Consultation

To make the bridal alterations process easier and to provide you with an accurate price, we offer a FREE consultation with our wedding dress tailor.

Bra Inserts Coupon

Dress Bra Cups Coupon

Enjoy up to 15% off on our round and leaf shape bra cups. Limited Time Offer.

Suit Alterations Offer

Free Suit Alteration Consultation

To make the suit alterations process easier, we provide a FREE consultation with our suit tailor

Free Dressmaking Consultation Coupon

Free Dressmaking Consultation

We are here and ready to guide you through the dressmaking process and will help you decide which design and fabric will work best for you.

Wedding Accessories Coupon

Wedding Accessories Coupon

Enjoy up to 15% off on selected bridal headpieces, headbands, clips, combs, pins and other wedding accessories. Limited Time Offer