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When it comes to fashion and any sort of artistry, it’s empowering to have an individual style.

Nadia Lef can offer you made-to-measure clothes, that will emphasize comfort, personal expression and will give you the presentation and formality that you are asking for.

Working with our Fashion Designer, women capture the essence of their individual styles, confined only by the limits of their imaginations. As always, Nadia Lef produces every garment by hand, guarantying perfect fit and unrivalled quality.


Ordering is easy:

  1. Call or email us to schedule an appointment.
  2. Visit us for a fitting session.
  3. Our Designer will guide you through rich style choices to create custom-made Women’s Clothes that ensure that you are always well-dressed, no matter what the occasion.


All of our services are done at the highest quality by qualified craftsmanship.

Now serving Toronto, Mississauga and Greatest Toronto Area, including Vaugh, North York, Milton, Brampton and Little Italy


Do not hesitate to contact us whether you’ve questions about our products and services.

Our Customer Service team is always ready to help!

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